Living Divinity

Living Divinity
Postman of Babaji

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Poem from a Devotee from Australia

In times of need and times of stress
Look to me to find redress
I will come to raise you high
Think of me and not cry
I am the one who'll always care
Have the thought and I'll be there
Remember when you walked alone
It was me, who guided you home 
I think of you in terms so dear
So think of me and I’ll be near
I've walked with you so many miles
I’ve have walked with you through tears and smiles
I am the one who will always care
My name is love and I'll be there
Wait and see and watch and hope
Know in your heart that you can cope
Steadfast and true the march goes on 
Keep going now it won't take long
Until the sun shines bright again
To light your face and ease the strain
For as we've marched we've gathered here
A light to share a golden sphere
To share with you and those around
The march you're on is homeward bound
So think of me and do not fear
My name is Love and I am here

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