Living Divinity

Living Divinity
Postman of Babaji

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dear Children of Babaji,

To day I am completing one month in the Ashram.
A GREAT experience !
When this land was purchased I was having some special vibration. I had told some of our devotees that in very ancient time the great Sage Agastya Muni must have lived on this place; this is full of His Blessing.

Once Dr Arya, one of first two persons in the world to have completed Ph.D in divine science, had visited this place. As he stood here he told," My God! this place is full of divine vibration; it is like cock-pit of an aero plane; world will be governed from here."

I do not know what he meant but what I feel that spiritually the light from this Punya Bhumi (sacred land) of Pune will certainly illuminate the universe.

A few days back on one Thursday i was in my morning meditation and when i was trying to get up suddenly i saw that my complete body had turned into paper white colour. i thought i was dead but i was fully conscious; i tried to touch my body with my fingers, it was Ok; i was alive. I was trying to call Monica-Nived to contact any hospital for arranging many many bottles of A+ blood for me !

But slowly body colour started coming to normal and i stood up for regular day to day works.

Then i remembered one incident of 1978-79 when i was staying in Telco colony Jamshedpur in N 73/5, a one BHK flat. One of my class mates of engineering college was not having job so i had called him to arrange some thing for him. I used to sleep in bed room and he in the drawing room.
One morning when i got up from my meditation i saw he was trembling with fear and he was packing his belongings. I asked him what happened.
He told, "Arjun, i cannot stay with you; you are not a human being, you are a ghost!"

I told him, "What Yaar, how can i be a ghost, i have studied with you in college for five long years and always remained your good friend and you are telling me a ghost! What has happened to you?"

Then he told, "you were meditating and doors were closed but for taking some cloth i entered your room and i saw your whole body was a huge golden flame. How a man can look like that?"

I tried to convince him that i was an ordinary human being but he could not listen and he went home (dist Arrah of Bihar).

My Master has told many times about these types of divine experiences for Kriyaban Yogis. Actually we are one with Supreme Being i.e. God and the entire universe is His manifestation.

Only God and God and God!

With Love,

Gyan Swami

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Highlights of Speech to Devotees on 11th April 2010

"Jai Babaji! I had a friend who was a corporate Trainer. He used to take sessions only after Lunch. A towering personality, he had a deep and commanding voice and would say proudly " No one can sleep in my sessions".
During my prawachan If you feel like sleeping after such a good meal you are welcome ! But even I have come to wake you up from your slumber ! Babaji has sent me here to wake you up and not to drive you away! You neither have to run away from you family nor .....( Bhago Nahi Jago )
The journey begins right from where you are now. Someone asked...which way is it to Mecca? begins right from where you are. There is no need to make physical amends. God accepts you the way you are. Even if you have not taken a bath! Just like a mother accepts her child in any state. Even if he/she is dirty she is ever ready to embrace him/her. There is no need to go to the Ganges to get purified.
People don't understand this though it is an open mystery. To become more open you just need to close for sometime. This closing of self inwardly is meditation. And when you close yourself like this you find you have actually expanded and actually opened to infinite. You will understand the world clearly. The real world.
This is actually a mystery of Love. Uddhav chided the Gopis "Krishna left you and has gone away why do you still praise him. Meditate on the Formless aspect of God". Gopis said, “you will not understand this; you keep on talking about Adwait. We are happy being this way. Krishna is like a tilted thorn embedded deep in to our hearts, if we try to take it out we may end up pulling out the complete heart as well”. Surdaas says that looking at their Love Uddhav himself got transformed.
We need to go through such pain. It's a strange way though. Kabir asks yogis to think about such a Knowledge where you don't try to take the help of a boat to cross a river, instead let the flow carry you to the other side. Those who took the boat were drowned and those who let the flow carry them reached the shore. Management training programs in the companies these days urge people to set goals in order to achieve them and poor guys struggle hard way to reach there, creating only more stress in the process.
[ Kabir says, “ Avadhu Aisa Gyan Vichar,
Bhere Chardhe So Adhar Dube,Niradhar Bhaye Par
These days IPL (20-20 cricket) has made people mad. Someone puts the ball out of the boundry by hitting it and you are so happy. How does it make a difference in your life? The owners make money if their teams win. What do you gain out of it ? Think where are we heading to? If Sania Mirza is marrying Shoaib how does it affect you? Have they even invited you for the party? (laughter). We have gone mad watching T.V. You gain nothing out of it. Monica asked me should we get a television for your room in the ashram since you have shifted there. I said no need! I don't even switch on lights in the ashram at night. Normally, I use my torch. I enjoy the silence and my aloneness and aloneness of silent darkness!
[Again Kabir says, “ Mandir Pesi Chanhu Dishi Bhinge,Bahar Rahe So Sukha
Sari Mare Se Sada Sukhare, Anmare So Dukha.]

Means : Those who entered the temple got drenched in the rain and those outside remained dry. What a strange rain! It is the rain of love for God. Hit by the arrow of love for God what more you need. Such indescribable bliss! Why should we destroy it by petty incidents? Those not hit by the arrow are suffering in pain. A man came to me recently and said sadly “My wife is upset and not speaking to me for the last four days” and I said “so what is the problem? It is great bliss for you.” (laughter). A wife took her husband to the psychiatrist and said “ He mumbles in his sleep” and the doctor said “I am sure It is because you don’t let him speak during the day.” (laughter)
Not being invited for a party eats away your peace! Why should you be hurt? Eat grams and sleep. Don’t bother! Is it worth the effort? Amitabh Bachhan was invited for a ceremony and someone else felt bad. Hit by the arrow of love for God let such petty thoughts fall away. Why are you suffering? You are suffering because you did not enter the temple.
Why worry? Forget all materialistic pursuits. When you are so close to Vishnu, Laxmi will automatically follow you. See how Vishnu is depicted in our shastras, lying down calmly and Laxmi is doing padaseva (massaging feet). You keep on meditating consistently and see how every thing is taken care of. Even if you stand somewhere wearing a lion cloth and sing in praise of lord “Viththal, Viththal, Vithalla”, see how people will shower you with money. All you need to do is be devoted to lord. All who are saints and towing the path of devotion will not have to think for any financial problem. Daihik, Daivik, Bhautik taapa, Ramrajya kahuhi nahi byapa.….. neither will you ever face bodily discomfort, nor will ever face the wrath of the gods. No worldly problems will ever trouble you. God takes care of his devotees. Don’t think of anything other than God. Never try to show off your wealth Suppose you throw a party for the marriage of your son. Such a party that no one has ever seen . People normally feed for a day in marriages and you decide to feed people for twenty one days. No one will even remember it after twenty one hours. Such prestige and pride are of no use. Go beyond all such false pride and closer to your true self then you will see there is no one other than God Himself.
Where is that God? You yourself are God. You are seeing your own projections outside of your self; a pot immersed in ocean has water inside and outside and the day the pot breaks it is water all around. Break that Pot through Kriya Yoga and a day will come when there will be a blast and ego will vanish and you will realize it is only God all around. The day that happens, Kabir says, God will run after you saying Kabir listen, listen… You won’t have to go anywhere God Himself will come after you. In fact God does not come at all as He is already with you or He is you and you are He. Tattwam Asi ! Thou are that.

Transcript by Himanshu. Posted by Monica with Gyanswami's permission.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Poem from New Zealand Devotees on 11th April

Greetings from New Zealand to all loving members of Babaji’s Family. It gives us immense pleasure to share our heart felt offerings to our beloved Swamiji on occasion of his birthday today. It is in a form of a poem inspired after having seen his very clear amazing photo on the blog in March.

With Gratitude

Before Meditation…

As dawn breaks on New Plymouth, in New Zealand the morning prayer flows…offering Gratitude to the ParamGurus for the Divine blessing of Kriya Yoga Babaji in our life!
Just in a flash the words “Children of Babaji” goes through the mind…’Children of Babaji” how sweet like nector the words sound !

Only the Grace of a kind GuruSri can give such an address to the devotees, GuruSri who in all humbleness calls himself a mere “Postman of Babaji”.

A saint like our Swamiji, whose twinkle of a smile radiates warmth that transcends barrier and forges an instant bond,

The saint, a Sahajchit, who teaches us simplicity in all aspects of life and beyond,

The saint who teaches us to surrender the “I” at Babaji’s lotus feet,

The saint who teaches us Kriya Yoga, the path of True Light through Self Realization,

The saint who connects us all through our Global Spiritual Family,

Thank you Oh Heavenly Father, Loving Divine Mother, Babaji for gifting us the torch bearer of Divine Light our GuruSri Swami Gyan in our life today and always!

Please accept our hearty congratulations and loving wishes on your Birthday Swamiji…Many Many happy returns of the day! We are fortunate to be assured of your Divine presence when we get together for the birthday celebrations, Thank you, with a gracious pranam!

Posted by Monica with permission from Gyanswami.