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Living Divinity
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Come & Fly with me

Dear Ones,
Now it is time to go beyond what ever you are stuck up with. You have already lived a long time and enjoyed the rotten smell of your so called world.

Come and surrender to Mahavtar Babaji. But what do you have to surrender ? Is it your body, full of blood , bones , flesh, urine and stools ? Is it your mind full of cunningness , dirty desires, selfish ideas? Is it your property ? What property you are having ? You go to the place of worship and beg to God for more and more money as if God is the culprit of what less you are having.

NO! Surrender your ego and you will see that you do not have any thing with you. Even you do not have a name and in this moment of emptiness you will realise Dhyan (meditation) and once you go to this state of being, you will not remain the same individual; actually you will become 'NO BODY' and when you become no body then you are 'EVERY BODY' and that is Samadhi

And you will sing , " Chidanand Rupha Shivoham Shivoham"; " Aham Brahmashmi."

I want to take you there.Come and fly with me.

With Love,

Gyan Swami


  1. Dear Guruji,

    Can you please elaborate on how to surrender the ego? Most of us do not know anything other then the body and possessions.

  2. Dear Guruji,

    I am thomas vincent from mumbai, i am learning the exercises from aparna ji of whom you gave me telephone number. i am doing it since one month. aparna ji has told me to do the exercises mentally as it will stable my mind more fast.
    is it more effective to do the exercises physically or to do it mentally, I want to thank you and Babaji guruji for giving kriya yoga free to those who want to learn.

  3. Guruji,
    Sometimes i do something which is beneficial for everybody. But some opposite person feels that i am doing it of ego and tell me that i am doing it for my own sake. I am unable to understand whether i do have ego or am selfish in such cases. ALso guide on how to handle these issues.

  4. Dear Thomas,

    You do the cosmic exercises mentally when you cannot do phisically.

    Physical one must be in harmony with mental oriatnation.

    Dear Shreenath,

    You do it when you are feeling it is good for others;never think who is telling what.
    Listen to your inner voice and go ahead.

    Gyan Swami

  5. Dearest guruji,surrendering ego is tough thats why Babaji sent you into our lives .Humans ruled by ego can learn the art of surrendering by love alone .You love all impersonally u truly r the tree we can safely shelter under and u truly can guide us into a state of desirelessness.The Kriya Breath Is soooo powerful that it with Guru's grace is certainly transforming us .When the breath is slow and all is calm within i feel tears of bliss- it is then ,that is all there is , i dont have much ego then ... besides a certain detatchment begins 2 set in atleast it has for me.All i ask is a place at your feet please accept this useless head .
    your naughty daughter to whom u took within or she would have gone without.
    Pranaam & Charan sparsh from:
    Sangeeta Kriya.

  6. Dearest Guruji,

    Pranam Guruji.

    After we started the Kriya breathing, we started enjoying the life and a lot of changes in the life. Total surrender in your feet Guruji.

    You are our shepard. We seek your blessings and guidance to disengage the ego from our lives.

    As kids we are holiding your fingers and walking along, I wish and request you to allow us continue holding your fingers in all the births.

    Senthil Kumaran

  7. Jai Gurudev,

    Why do people go to Pandarpur thru Paadayatra?
    Why do people go to Tirumala from Tirupati by walk?
    Is there benefit by going thru walk? Pls elaborate.

    Jai Babaji.

  8. Dear Senthil,

    You feel that you have caught my fingers while walking on this planet but as a matter of fact I have caught your hand and i will not allow you to fall and sink in this ocean of universe.
    I will take to the place from where there is no retutn.

    With Love,

    Gyan Swami

  9. Dear Shreenath,

    Going by walk is not going to make one suitable for 'God Realisation' otherwise all animals would have realised God.

    But there is scientific reason behind any such ritual.Going to Pandharpur or Tirupati by foot will increase your will power;although you are walking but your attention is not on walking or on road but it is focused at the Lord for whose Darshan you are going singing and dancing which any animal cannot do.

    Your faith,determination and dedication will transform you in such journey; being in such mood for few days will change your being.

    Gyan Swami

  10. Guruji,


    We do here that whatever happens in this world is due to God's wish. Even a leaf will not move without his wish.

    But we see that there are lot of sins,crimes,corruption,blasts going on in this world. Whether all these are God's wishes? Please clarify.

    Jai Gurudev.

  11. Dear Shreenath,

    Before realising godliness one cannot understand that God is doing every thing.

    For a moment foreget about God and think only about yourself and go on thinking in depth in the mid of night, alone and just alone.

    And you will realise that what ever you are to day,is only due to YOU although you blame many more people for that.All the miseries and troubles you are having ,have been created by you.

    Like wise God is happening in His own way and we cannot understand untill we become HE.

    So do not worry,be yourself and you will start happening.

    With Love,

    Gyan Swami

  12. guruji,nowdays i'm suffering from that everything i could do is only long it will take for d usually like before.i am confused!!!!!