Living Divinity

Living Divinity
Postman of Babaji

Monday, October 18, 2010

Poem by a Devotee


For that which is beyond, I was searching
On many a tree, I was perching
Saw many holy acts enacted, just to please the audience
When alone, where to invest the proceeds, they sought guidance

I thought, the sea could solve my problem
Set sail, but in the middle of nowhere, I was in a bigger problem
Desperately looking, far and near, for the guiding light
With the ferocious waves, trying to put up a fight

Suddenly, at a stone’s throw, a bright light
Have I found it? I rushed towards it with all my might
Only to find, surrounded by many boats, a bigger ship
As lost as I was, only that it wielded a whip

Dejected, I slowly turned around
More lights, brighter lights, to my delight I found
But to my dismay, the power they were receiving
Was mostly from the smaller boats they were preaching

I continued to be tossed around
Similar to the big ships and boats that I had found
Exhausted, exasperated, I gave out a cry
In these cold waters, was my soul to fry?

Out of the horizon, a steady glow
Slowly towards me, it began to flow
Instead of sucking my energy like an avaricious boar
I could feel, it was giving me some from its own core

As I approached, thinking I would again find another someone
To my surprise, on a solid foundation, I found a firm beacon
Not to miss the opportunity, I immediately dropped anchor
Promised to give DD* with returns beyond the capacity of any banker

The simple practical teachings were
“Laugh, play and do your Dhyana, be you anywhere
You have surrendered to him, He will take care
You do your part and he will bestow on you his grace’s share”

A Mahatma with visible halo, devoid of any airs
Showing the path to realization, with no level gears
Saying, “Levels are for those caught in the rat race
Everything is one, so why identify with your name and face”

(Written on 8-Oct-2010. HE was silently dictating and Milind was typing.)
*Guruji asks for a DD of Dedication and Devotion