Living Divinity

Living Divinity
Postman of Babaji

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dear Children of Babaji,

To day I am completing one month in the Ashram.
A GREAT experience !
When this land was purchased I was having some special vibration. I had told some of our devotees that in very ancient time the great Sage Agastya Muni must have lived on this place; this is full of His Blessing.

Once Dr Arya, one of first two persons in the world to have completed Ph.D in divine science, had visited this place. As he stood here he told," My God! this place is full of divine vibration; it is like cock-pit of an aero plane; world will be governed from here."

I do not know what he meant but what I feel that spiritually the light from this Punya Bhumi (sacred land) of Pune will certainly illuminate the universe.

A few days back on one Thursday i was in my morning meditation and when i was trying to get up suddenly i saw that my complete body had turned into paper white colour. i thought i was dead but i was fully conscious; i tried to touch my body with my fingers, it was Ok; i was alive. I was trying to call Monica-Nived to contact any hospital for arranging many many bottles of A+ blood for me !

But slowly body colour started coming to normal and i stood up for regular day to day works.

Then i remembered one incident of 1978-79 when i was staying in Telco colony Jamshedpur in N 73/5, a one BHK flat. One of my class mates of engineering college was not having job so i had called him to arrange some thing for him. I used to sleep in bed room and he in the drawing room.
One morning when i got up from my meditation i saw he was trembling with fear and he was packing his belongings. I asked him what happened.
He told, "Arjun, i cannot stay with you; you are not a human being, you are a ghost!"

I told him, "What Yaar, how can i be a ghost, i have studied with you in college for five long years and always remained your good friend and you are telling me a ghost! What has happened to you?"

Then he told, "you were meditating and doors were closed but for taking some cloth i entered your room and i saw your whole body was a huge golden flame. How a man can look like that?"

I tried to convince him that i was an ordinary human being but he could not listen and he went home (dist Arrah of Bihar).

My Master has told many times about these types of divine experiences for Kriyaban Yogis. Actually we are one with Supreme Being i.e. God and the entire universe is His manifestation.

Only God and God and God!

With Love,

Gyan Swami


  1. Dear Devotees,
    Guruji is our teertha and wherever he stays becomes the teertha sthaan. And now that the spiritual vibration of this divine place is increasing in leaps and bounds with His presence, He has named it: 'TAPOVAN.' I am writing this comment to let everyone reading this post know that 'Wagholi Ashram' has been named as 'TAPOVAN.' Now this is how it will be referred to.
    I asked Guruji to explain the meaning of Tapovan and He said that this is a place in Himalayas where very advanced Siddhas live and meditate. This place can only be visited with their permission and humanity in general cannot go there. The place is something like 'Shangrila.' We do not have access to that Tapovan but have all the access to this Tapovan where a Siddha is showering/pouring truth so lovingly! What more could we ask for?



  2. T here is, for spiritual practice, such a holy place
    A nd in there dwells a divine Sage
    P urity pervades him – in heart soul and mind
    O nly through love, him, you can bind
    V erily, he is God sent; how lucky all of us are
    A midst the worldly chaos, internally - alone, away and far
    N amed T A P O V A N, a place for bliss and untainted fun!