Living Divinity

Living Divinity
Postman of Babaji

Monday, April 12, 2010

Poem from New Zealand Devotees on 11th April

Greetings from New Zealand to all loving members of Babaji’s Family. It gives us immense pleasure to share our heart felt offerings to our beloved Swamiji on occasion of his birthday today. It is in a form of a poem inspired after having seen his very clear amazing photo on the blog in March.

With Gratitude

Before Meditation…

As dawn breaks on New Plymouth, in New Zealand the morning prayer flows…offering Gratitude to the ParamGurus for the Divine blessing of Kriya Yoga Babaji in our life!
Just in a flash the words “Children of Babaji” goes through the mind…’Children of Babaji” how sweet like nector the words sound !

Only the Grace of a kind GuruSri can give such an address to the devotees, GuruSri who in all humbleness calls himself a mere “Postman of Babaji”.

A saint like our Swamiji, whose twinkle of a smile radiates warmth that transcends barrier and forges an instant bond,

The saint, a Sahajchit, who teaches us simplicity in all aspects of life and beyond,

The saint who teaches us to surrender the “I” at Babaji’s lotus feet,

The saint who teaches us Kriya Yoga, the path of True Light through Self Realization,

The saint who connects us all through our Global Spiritual Family,

Thank you Oh Heavenly Father, Loving Divine Mother, Babaji for gifting us the torch bearer of Divine Light our GuruSri Swami Gyan in our life today and always!

Please accept our hearty congratulations and loving wishes on your Birthday Swamiji…Many Many happy returns of the day! We are fortunate to be assured of your Divine presence when we get together for the birthday celebrations, Thank you, with a gracious pranam!

Posted by Monica with permission from Gyanswami.

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