Living Divinity

Living Divinity
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Flight of Alone to Alone

Dear Children Of Babaji,

From 21st March 2010 i am staying in the Wagholi Ashram.

Many devotees asked me,'Guruji, how you will stay alone in this isolated place?'

It is because i have realised my aloneness. If some one has realised it then he/she can live any where even in crowd and still he/she will be enjoying his/her aloneness. If you are feeling loneliness then it is full of miseries. People have created society, state, country and family etc just to forget their aloneness. Awake and arise and you will see that there is nothing except you in this world and finally you will realise the truth of Adwayat.

After this realisation when you will be feeding some hungry people you will know that you are feeding yourself;helping others is helping self.

This will be the END of that false EGO you are having.

Gyan Swami

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  1. A true master guides His disciples in the most effective way. A short story reveals how Buddha answer the questions put forward to Him.

    Buddha was once confronted by Maulingaputta, a great philosopher with an array of questions. The questions were subtle and complicated and surely revealed his knowledge on the subject. Buddha listened for an hour silently.

    Maulingaputta said, “I have asked you my questions, but you have not answered any of them”

    Buddha said, “My way of answering your questions is different. You will have to wait for two years. Now tell me, I am sure you have asked these questions to others as well”

    Maulingaputta listed out the names of the others whom he had approached for the answers. He said, “ They answered me immediately”

    Buddha said, “Then why waste my time?”

    Maulingaputta said, “I am not satisfied with the answers”

    Buddha replied, “So would be the case if I answer you immediately”

    Maulingaputta had no other go than to wait for two years with Buddha.

    On hearing the conversation, Manjushree, Buddha's first disciple began to laugh.

    Maulingaputta thought he was mad.

    Manjushree then explained, “It seems history repeats itself. I came here with five hundred disciples of my own with questions to ask the Buddha. I was asked to stay for two years and now twenty years have elapsed. My questions have dropped”

    Manjushree cautioned, “Gautama Buddha is tricky. If you want to ask Him your questions, do it now. Otherwise you will end up not asking them!?”

    Buddha assured, “What can I do if you don't ask me the questions? I keep up my word and will answer your questions at the end of two years”

    Two years went by and Buddha urged Maulingaputta to ask the questions.

    Maulingaputta began to laugh.

    Buddha asked, “Why are you laughing like a mad man? Do you remember Manjushree's laughter?”

    Maulingaputta replied, “I do not have anything to ask. Silence has taken over me. My questions have dropped. By not answering, you have answered !”

    Where is time when one is with the timeless ?