Living Divinity

Living Divinity
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Saturday, September 3, 2011


A few days back I was watching Sanskar channel on TV, and I heard a lecture of Sri Sri Ravishankar. Someone in the audience asked him,"What is difference between Sudarshan Kriya and Kriya Yoga?”

Sri Sri stopped for a moment and then replied, “Kriya Yoga is an Advanced Course.”

I appreciated his honesty because he spoke the truth, other person in his place would have told that whatever he is teaching is the best.

But one thing I would like to ask Sri Sri Ravishankar, “If you know that Kriya Yoga is an Advanced Course then why are you not telling your people to learn it after completing Sudarshan Kriya?"
I am ready to teach you and all of your people without charging any fee. Now I have developed so many persons around the world that anywhere on this globe my people will be available to take classes.

People like Sri Sri and Baba Ramdev have stunted Yoga. In their camps you can hear people telling, “After practice of your Yoga I was cured of headaches, joint pain, blood sugar etc.” Both of them are manufacturing and selling Ayurvedic medicines. So the message that has gone to the world is that Yoga is nothing but an alternate medicine. No it is not!


Sudarshan Kriya can give relaxation but not realization. The spinal breathings of Kriya Yoga will transform human body and make it capable of being abode of God realization.
A mother is not charging any Dollar at the rate of per hour or per week or per month for loving her child but a maid servant will charge. Jesus never charged for His sermons.

At present all the so called Yoga Gurus are earning a huge amount of money and this has become a good business line.

My Master Mahavtar Babaji told me not to commercialize Yoga adding, “You earn your own bread and spread my message.” And since then I am teaching this technique of RAJYOGA of oneness with God without taking any fee.

Human being is nothing but an ANIMAL, yes, an animal which thinks that he is the best creation of this world. As per me every creation of God is the best in its own respect. The only difference is that although human being is born as an animal but he/she can leave the body as a Divine Being.


  1. I felt like Guru Gyanswami near to me on reading this article

  2. I am immensely moved by this post and the selfless service which master is offering to the humanity.
    When I was reading this post, I felt the divine vibration and I feel that master should get all the resources , and let this kriya yoga reached each corner of the world, let everybody should get benefited by it.
    Please accept my pranam at your lotus feet sadguru.

    Ravindra Kittad

  3. There are number of meditations (Soham sadhna, Omkar sadhna, kriya yoga, surat shabadyoga and may more) Can these Meditation give us experience of GOD?