Living Divinity

Living Divinity
Postman of Babaji

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mail from a Devotee

Edwin Miranda

Hi Guruji and Pranav:
Just finished 100 Kriyas. So amazing. Feel so energized and got good experience. Went out of the body and within myself as I became absorbed within the breath. It became slow, and slower, and then absorption into the Light.

I will see Srinivan this Sunday and take his family up the moutains. I will see if he wants to do Kriya up there. Guruji please let me know when I can increase 37. I been doing that amount on weekdays and on weekends 100.

I am interested in buying at least 2 acres here in Sedalia, CO> This place is perfect and amazing. Loans are hard to come by esp since I have a foreclosure on my record from 2010. On the other hand I'm collecting rent on the house in AZ. If I suceed I want to build an Ashram so when Guruji comes..with some cows, etc. Many Blessings to all of you!!