Living Divinity

Living Divinity
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Guruji GYAN SWAMI...Poem by a Devotee

Great Master, we are fortunate to have you in our midst
Your blessings have started to clear the ignorance mist
Armed security and barricades around you, there are none
Never unavailable, you have brought into our lives bliss and untainted fun

Simplicity, you have taught us by being a practising example
Worries, anxieties, negativities gone, you have turned our beings into the lord’s temple
Artificial ego-filled lives have changed; anger, lust and jealousy have become lame
Message from you: “Laugh, play and do Dhyana; don’t pursue worldly charms and fame
In God’s kingdom, everything is one, so why identify with your face and name”

Written by Milind, posted by Monica

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  1. Jai Babaji... Milind fantabulous acorstic... could not have been written more aptly...Babaji Family NZ