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Living Divinity
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Monday, December 31, 2012

21st December 2012

In 2011 I was delivering one lecture in Sedona USA where some people asked me, “Guruji what will happen on 21st Dec’ 2012?”

I had replied, “Do not worry, let the world move in harmony, I do assure you all that in 2013 all of us will be meditating together in this hall and will be doing Kriya practice.”

What was the reason for this thought havoc created by some Pseudo Masters, the so called spiritual Gurus from India and abroad?

Just a few months before my lecture in Sedona, one Indian Guru had gone there and had talked so many nonsense things giving reference to 21st Dec’ 2012. He had told, “On 21st Dec’ 2012 a great change will be taking place in the world, all the evils of this planet will vanish and Shree Lahiri Mahasaya, the Guru of Swami Yukteshwar Giri, will appear and will take the entire command of this universe as the latest MANU.”

This Indian Guru had told his disciples to be ready as they would have to assist Shree Lahiri Mahasaya in His mission.

Another Indian Guru who teaches Surya Dhyan (Sun Meditation) had declared, “Be ready, on 21st Dec’ 2012 the whole world will see a great change, all the sinners will die and only persons who have learnt Surya Dhyan from him will survive and they will be leading the future world.”

All of these confusions were created because the Maya Calender has not mentioned anything after 21st Dec’ 2012 and everybody decided to take the credit for this foretelling of the end of the world.

Some spiritual Master in France told, “The whole world is going to face the day of judgment on 21st Dec’ 2012 and only those persons will survive who will go on the top of some particular French mountain.”

You will be surprised to know that actually some persons sold their belongings and went to that mountain and finally returned because nothing happened anywhere. The only thing that happened was that they lost their valued properties.

The Hollywood film “2012” created more fear but the producer did flourishing business and the truth is that these Gurus also mean business; they run their business out of the fear of people.

I want to ask these so called Gurus, “What the hell you people are here for?”

Spiritualism should not come out of fear. Actual spiritualism is fearlessness. Fearlessness will come only when you know who you are. The fact is that you are the soul, spirit free, blessed and immortal, great and eternal. Then why to be afraid of death? There is no death at all. Once you are fully aware of your breathings, you will become aware of your soul and then you will be able to see the cosmic play of the universe.

The universe is cosmic dance of God. In India we have depicted God as ‘Natraj’ the dancing god; here Krishna is playing flute, dancing with Gopikas, the souls. Here nothing is serious, may be in the market or in the temple, we are celebrating; “Hansiba, Kheliba, Dhariba Dhyanam” (Laugh, Play and Meditate).

Here everything is nothing but God; only God and God and God.

When you are feeding some hungry people, you are feeding yourself; when you are helping some needy persons you are helping yourself.

This world is God’s projection; your projection. You are nothing but God and God is nothing but You.

Let all of us take part in this Divine Celebration with dancing and praying,



The life continues…………..this flow continues……Just float in this flow….and YOU are LIBERATED.