Living Divinity

Living Divinity
Postman of Babaji

Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Chalo Hansa Wahi Desh" (Dear Souls let us go to that land of infinite)

Now it is time to jump in the ocean of unknown.
Only those who are ready to jump are invited, otherwise just wait on the bank and be busy in your worldly calculations.

It is time now that Babaji’s work takes a new leap and you all practise intensive Kriya to advance further. For this purpose we had our first full day Kriya shivir (meditation camp) at Tapovan this Sunday (28-11-2010).
16 sadhaks participated in this shivir during which they practised intensive Kriya three times in the day and remained silent for the rest of the time.
(This is to remind one of the aloneness of human being.)
They were not allowed to talk to each other or use their mobile phones and it was truly a great day. In the evening I studied their Aura and all of them were looking so calm and peaceful.
If you think that without you world will stop you are mistaken. Even when you will die, nobody will miss you. They will only think about you for just a few days and then they will get busy with their own lives. Then why waste time; learn the art of being in this world but not of this world. Become ‘Shiva’ before you turn into ‘Shava.’ Babaji has given you the key to the most beautiful treasures in this universe. Open the lock and enter the Kingdom of God, enjoy!

As told by the Great Saint Kabir:

"Kahat Kabir Nirbhaya Ho Hansa,
Kunji Pata Gayee Tala Kholan Ki."

This kind of shivir will happen regularly now and Sadhaks from all over the world will take part. Babaji is arranging everything.