Living Divinity

Living Divinity
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Monday, June 28, 2010


Lal Baba was born in the year 1715 near Gorakhpur (UP), India, in a very rich Brahmin family. He was a born Yogi. He could not remain in family for a long time and became a monk and came to Kamrup Kamakhya temple in state of Assam. The well known Kamakhya temple is very famous for Tantrik Sadhana. He stayed there for 14 years and performed rigorous practice of Tantra Yoga.

Then he left Kamrup and came to the valleys of the Himalyas where for another 14 years he practsed Raj Yoga with various masters near a lake and survived only on Jalkumbhi Sag, a leafy plant, found in water mostly in north India and Thailand where they call it morning glory.

Again for next 14 years he practised many types of Yoga techniques with advanced masters and suvived only on Noni Sag, a leafy vegetable found in north India and eaten mostly by poor people.

After attaining a high status in Yoga he started moving around every part of India.
During 1857 when first Indian independence movement started, he was a grown up Sanyasi. He met Baji Rao Peshwa in Pune, Maharani Lakshmi Bai in Jhansi and Vir Kunwar Singh in Jagdeeshpur, Bihar, and encouraged every body.

Time passed by and Baba was moving and moving. He had not made any Ashram where he could stay for some time.

In Indian freedom movement he blessed Pt Madan Mohan Malaviya, Pt Moti Lal Nehru and many others. When Pt Moti Lal Nehru was not having any issue, he came to Baba with Shree Malaviyaji for his blessing; Baba took them to his Guru in the Himalayas .

Lal Baba used to tell this story many times to his devotees.
His Guru told Pt Moti Lal, “Due to your past Karmas you are not supposed to have any child but since you have come with my beloved disciple, I cannot send you empty handed.”

Then he kept quiet for some time; went in Samadhi and came back and with very bright eyes, looked at Pt Moti Lal and told, “Should I become Your son ?...,ok come tomorrow.”

All of three went there next day and they found him lying dead; the great Guru had left his body and after nine months Pt Moti Lal was blessed by a son who was later named as Jawahar and he became the first Prime Minister of independent India the famous Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru.

When I joined M/S Tata Motors Jamshedpur in the year 1977, naturally many spiritual persons started coming to me. One of them was Mr R P Sinha (Mr Ram Padarath Sinha) who was a disciple of Lal Baba. He told me many things about Baba. In his last birth also Mr R P Sinha was disciple of Baba, Baba remaining in same body.One more was Mr Harinder Singh whose Lal Baba had been family Guru for last five generations.
Lal Baba had told Mr R P Sinha, “ When ever you want to meet me you go to any Shiva Temple and tell Shiva about your desires; he will let me know immediately and I will come to you.”

Lal Baba did not come to Jamshedpur for eight years; many people thought that he might have left his body. It was the month of Shravan (July-August) when people go to Shiva temples and offer prayers.

Mr R P Sinha went to the famous Jyotirlinga Baidyanath Dham Deoghar now in the state of Jharkhand for offering his prayer. People have to fill up their pots with the water of the Gangaji at Sultanganj in Bihar and then they walk a distance of about 82 miles for offering this holy water to the Lord; there he told Lord Shiva that he wanted to meet his Guru Lala Baba. And as he returned to Jamshedpur by train, he was surprised to see his Guru Shree Lal Baba standing at the gate of his house.

Lal Baba told him, “Look, I was passing through Motihari(a town near Nepal border, about 750 KM from Jamshedpur) and Lord Shiva told me that you wanted to meet me,so I came rushing.”

Next day I was informed about Baba’s arrival and I went to meet him. By seeing me Baba stood up and told, “Come, come,you are here, that is good, so nice to meet you my child.”

About 30 persons were sitting in front of him in the drawing room. He told every body to go out for some time and he told me only to stay with him. Then he told me to close the doors and windows. I could know that he had recognized me. He came near me and all of a sudden transformed his body into a cosmic one full of light with very high level of spiritual vibrations. He started transmitting many divine powers in me and at last told me,“People come to me only for worldly desires but you are only person who can understand me so I am giving every thing divine I am having but be careful; do not harm any body with this power,only help mankind my blessed child. When ever I will come to Jamshedpur, you must meet at least once in a day.”

Since then I became his closest person in this world. When ever we met we discussed very high spiritual matters.

In December 1997 he had come to Jamshedpur; I saw his aura and told Mataji that Lal Baba would leave this world very soon, the time had come for his departure. And within a few days he left his body on way to Varanashi from Jamshedpur.

Although he is no more in his physical body but in astral way he is constantly connected with me. I use the divine power he gave me for well being of devotees.(Picture created by Shareall)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Photograph with Lal Baba

Lal Baba is 275 years old in this photograph. Sitting below on the left is Gyanswami and right side son Gyanesh.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


In my childhood I used to play with snakes because I was not knowing that they can bite and that may be fatal.

I was about five years old and staying with my maternal grand father Thakur Durga Singh’s house in village Makhsudhpur near the river Gandak in north India. I used to go the field alone, sit near a hole where there were many snakes and slowly used to touch their hoods and frequently coming out tongue.

After a few days some children saw me there and they told me not to play there, they were afraid of snakes. I told them, “ No I will play there only because the snakes love me, you come tomorrow and I will show you how I play with them.”

And the next day about ten children went there with me. As usual I hit at holes with my palm and one big snake came out, I touched it. Seeing all these things the children started making noise. Perhaps the king snake might have become angry and I was bitten by it on my fingers. Blood started coming, I came home weeping in front of a big crowd. Some herbal medicines were applied and some of the villagers started chanting healing Mantras and I was Ok after about one hour.

Yetserday I received a phone call from my maternal brother Thakur Shio Dayal Singh and he told, “How can you forget this village where you have spent some memorable time of your childhood?”

Yes, I cannot forget so many things from there.
My younger brother Kirtyanand was born there.
I saw the death of my materal grand father who was really a true Indian and took part in Indian freedom movement.

There was a dog there in that house who on every Ekadashi day(the Eleventh day of Hindu calendar)used to vanish some where and come back in the evening.

My maternal uncles on one such day tried to locate the dog; early in the morning they followed him. They were surprised to see his activities; he went to the Gandak river, took bath and then sat on sand platform near the bank facing east and the whole day he remained in this position. In the evening after sun set he came home and ate some thing. He continued his this habit till death (liberation!)

Now I know who he was; why he had become dog in this life and how he rememberd all of his past life.

That is why I tell all of the devotees to be regular in practice and that will take them to ever lasting awareness which will lead them to final liberation.