Living Divinity

Living Divinity
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


In my childhood I used to play with snakes because I was not knowing that they can bite and that may be fatal.

I was about five years old and staying with my maternal grand father Thakur Durga Singh’s house in village Makhsudhpur near the river Gandak in north India. I used to go the field alone, sit near a hole where there were many snakes and slowly used to touch their hoods and frequently coming out tongue.

After a few days some children saw me there and they told me not to play there, they were afraid of snakes. I told them, “ No I will play there only because the snakes love me, you come tomorrow and I will show you how I play with them.”

And the next day about ten children went there with me. As usual I hit at holes with my palm and one big snake came out, I touched it. Seeing all these things the children started making noise. Perhaps the king snake might have become angry and I was bitten by it on my fingers. Blood started coming, I came home weeping in front of a big crowd. Some herbal medicines were applied and some of the villagers started chanting healing Mantras and I was Ok after about one hour.

Yetserday I received a phone call from my maternal brother Thakur Shio Dayal Singh and he told, “How can you forget this village where you have spent some memorable time of your childhood?”

Yes, I cannot forget so many things from there.
My younger brother Kirtyanand was born there.
I saw the death of my materal grand father who was really a true Indian and took part in Indian freedom movement.

There was a dog there in that house who on every Ekadashi day(the Eleventh day of Hindu calendar)used to vanish some where and come back in the evening.

My maternal uncles on one such day tried to locate the dog; early in the morning they followed him. They were surprised to see his activities; he went to the Gandak river, took bath and then sat on sand platform near the bank facing east and the whole day he remained in this position. In the evening after sun set he came home and ate some thing. He continued his this habit till death (liberation!)

Now I know who he was; why he had become dog in this life and how he rememberd all of his past life.

That is why I tell all of the devotees to be regular in practice and that will take them to ever lasting awareness which will lead them to final liberation.

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