Living Divinity

Living Divinity
Postman of Babaji

Friday, March 26, 2010

Flight of Alone to Alone

Dear Children Of Babaji,

From 21st March 2010 i am staying in the Wagholi Ashram.

Many devotees asked me,'Guruji, how you will stay alone in this isolated place?'

It is because i have realised my aloneness. If some one has realised it then he/she can live any where even in crowd and still he/she will be enjoying his/her aloneness. If you are feeling loneliness then it is full of miseries. People have created society, state, country and family etc just to forget their aloneness. Awake and arise and you will see that there is nothing except you in this world and finally you will realise the truth of Adwayat.

After this realisation when you will be feeding some hungry people you will know that you are feeding yourself;helping others is helping self.

This will be the END of that false EGO you are having.

Gyan Swami

Sunday, March 7, 2010


In old Indian scriptures is has been told,

"Manasch Ekam,Vachasch Ekam,Karmasch Ekam Mahatmnam, Manasch Anyat,
Vachasch Anyat,Karmasch Anyat Duratmnam"

It means, A Saint is the person whose thinking,speach and action are same but a Satan thinks some thing ,speaks in some other way and acts in another way. This life is very short.So every body has to be very pure in all actions and thought.God is always with us but we do not want to be with Him, although we want something from Him but we do not want Him;that is the tragedy of life. The person who wants only God and nothing else is the happiest person in this world.

Kriya Yoga is the scientific way to be with God.In Kriya when a person takes spinal breathings ,he becomes one with the cosmos,one with God and that is the supreme status ,the supreme bliss.

Gyan Swami

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Come & Fly with me

Dear Ones,
Now it is time to go beyond what ever you are stuck up with. You have already lived a long time and enjoyed the rotten smell of your so called world.

Come and surrender to Mahavtar Babaji. But what do you have to surrender ? Is it your body, full of blood , bones , flesh, urine and stools ? Is it your mind full of cunningness , dirty desires, selfish ideas? Is it your property ? What property you are having ? You go to the place of worship and beg to God for more and more money as if God is the culprit of what less you are having.

NO! Surrender your ego and you will see that you do not have any thing with you. Even you do not have a name and in this moment of emptiness you will realise Dhyan (meditation) and once you go to this state of being, you will not remain the same individual; actually you will become 'NO BODY' and when you become no body then you are 'EVERY BODY' and that is Samadhi

And you will sing , " Chidanand Rupha Shivoham Shivoham"; " Aham Brahmashmi."

I want to take you there.Come and fly with me.

With Love,

Gyan Swami

Monday, March 1, 2010

My first meeting with my divine Guru – Mahavatar Babaji

When I was in first year of Electrical Engineering in Bihar College of Engineering, Patna in the state of Bihar I suffered from heart disease. Three valves of my heart were in bad condition. The doctor had announced that this boy will not live more than three months. In 1960s there were no valve transplantation surgeries taking place in India. The doctor consulted was one of the top doctors in state of Bihar, later in 1990s during BJP Government in India he was the health minister. Knowing that my son will die within three months my parents were in grief. In India one of the greatest misfortunes for a father is to see his son’s final rituals during his life time. I thought instead of dying in front of my parents and other family members if I go away from home they will have a hope that my son will come back one day alive. So I left my home without informing any one in the family. The village I lived is near the boarder of India and Nepal, I crossed the boarder and entered in Nepal and started going into deep forest towards Tibet. After walking like this for a long period of time I was very tired and in the evening time I almost fainted under a tree. I had no energy to walk any further or even stand up, it was almost certain to me that now this was the end of my life. No one is going to come and save me, I am going to die either due to hunger or some wild animal will kill and eat me in the night. I closed my eyes and started waiting for the end of my life, but I was surprised to hear a voice, it was the voice of a young man, he looked like a monk. He told me in Hindi language that “you are not going to die; you will give lectures and teach the yoga to thousands”. I was surprised to see some one in the deep forest and speaking Hindi language. Normally the region I was in was near Tibet, so people know either Nepali language or Tibetan Language, but this young monk was speaking very good Hindi. I was not in position to speak or even believe him what he was telling me. But I asked him in my broken language that I can’t speak, by birth I was not able to speak properly, even if I have to tell my name to some one I needed a pen and paper. He asked me to follow him; I had no other choice so I started following him. He took me to a cave near by, and then he took a pot made of stone, poured some water into the pot from near by water fall and started steering it with a wooden shaft. The water in the pot became thick white liquid. He gave it to me and asked me to drink it. As soon as I drank it I felt better, all the fatigue disappeared. He asked me to stay in the cave, I stayed there for three to four days, everyday he used to give me that liquid, and I started becoming healthier. After few days he told me to go back. I left that place and came back home. Everyone in my home was happy to see me coming back alive and healthy, my heart disease was totally gone. The doctors were surprised to see my case; they said that this is a miracle. I went back to college and continued my college studies. At this time I did not know anything about that young monk. I thought he must be a villager, who knew some herbs. I thanked god to send him to me to save my life.