Living Divinity

Living Divinity
Postman of Babaji

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Poem from a Heart of New Zealand

Where ever Gyan Swamiji goes ,Babajis children ask him the way to their eternal home ,
That shoonya mystics have talked about
that the soul has a memory of
He smiles and shakes his head ,
the words I speak just point he says yet,
persisting some want to pay their way ,
How much will it cost they ask?
Once again to this innocent query
he patiently replies ,
The words I speak can't take you there
if you wish pay your way by Dedication & devotion to the inner path
No ticket can be sold nor can it be told ,
For i have a job to do ,To give you the inner eye to see the inner ear to hear
If you will you can ride on the A U M ,
Its the fastest way there.
For those who can see let them see the inner light
those who can hear let them follow the AUM
the kingdoms lights beckon
Sometimes dim - sometimes bright
Once you have seen it
the way is easy to find and you will be alright
Don't be afraid if there are mountains to climb or
if you lose sight of the light
just go on going on
You will be alright
Through the forests of the sub conscious mind
go on going on ,hold on to the breath
Call for Babaji
he is your Guru
He is your Bio plasmic shakti,
he is the belay rope he is the beacon of light He is the AUM
He is the breath of your breath
the inner ear of your ear
from existence to existence
From form to formlessness
He is ever yours
for us Swamiji is all this and more
follow in his foot steps ,he,s been there
don,t rush ,sit in silence ,breathe gently
follow the AUM see the light
Wash His feet with your tears
With him there are no fears
Soon we'll meet in the place
Where no ticket can we buy
The place of self effulgent Light
Where there is no sun no moon no wind no water
no me
only Thee Thee thee .

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